Emily’s bodywork has ignited and incredible chain of events in my life. After having her incredible combination of massage and reiki, I have felt and expressed emotions more clearly than ever before.

After each session I am rushed

with a cascade of new ideas, inspiration and a deep sense of clarity. This is actually a huge reason why I felt confident to pull the trigger of moving my life to the road and doing 3-month mountain tour!

I am so grateful that Emily does what she does. Her ability to tap into your energetic realm is life changing.


I couldn’t recommend her enough! 


 Holistic Health Coach


Entrepreneur and Athlete

I can’t say enough about how much

I got out of just one session with

Emily at Crystalline Bodyworks! 

She was able to pinpoint the precise areas that were blocked or stuck

and move them in a gentle way that brought continued healing and support long after our session ended. 

The tension in my muscles melted

away and I felt myself slip into a

deep meditative state while

she worked on me. 

After our session, she had a message

for me that was SO spot on with

what I was dealing with

emotionally and energetically.

From here on, I will always differentiate between “just a massage” and the incredible energy work combined

WITH massage that Emily does. 


I can confidently refer friends, family and clients to her and know they are in good hands.

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Business Owner

Sound Healer 

Emily has cosmic level intuition

and healing ability. She’s gentle

with her physical touch and a powerhouse energetically.

She has an extraordinary ability

to locate blockages and gently

but firmly holds space for your

body to come into alignment.

She’s an excellent massage therapist and with the

addition of her energy work,

she’s a profound healer.



"Emily holds you in a sacred space and gives you a feeling of safety while doing her distant energy work. She is a true healer! Throughout the call I felt a deep relaxation and well-being. I was able to LET GO and be fully present in my body. Since then I’ve not only been re-energized, but I’ve been able to return to my essence and inner peace. Thank you for re-activating the flow back into my life" 


RN and Women's

Wellness Coach



Visionary HeArtist

"The space that Emily creates has been a safe container for me to allow my being to fully receive the healing she channels through with what feels effortless and very tuned in. Holding the balance of intention with incorporating crystals and other sacred elements while holding space for the energy to flow as it unfolds throughout our time together is surely one of her superpowers" 




Akashic Record Keeper,  

Quantum Body Healer

"After just a few minutes of working with Emily, I felt tension that I've carried in my hips and lower back dissipate and lift effortlessly. I was in such a deeply peaceful and otherworldly state, I cannot wait to do more work with Emily when it's divinely guided and I would highly recommend her distance sessions."



 Transformational Coach

"Emily provided me with the most gorgeous meditation/crystal healing session! She is so intuitive and connected to spirit. Throughout the call I felt incredibly deep physical and emotional shifts within my body, and was able to release elements I've been holding onto for YEARS. Since then, I have felt lighter, more aligned (physically and spiritually) and excited to continue on my journey. A million thank yous, Emily. You're a goddess!!"  

Energy Work


My time with Emily was absolutely life-changing. I don’t know how else to describe it. I have never experienced such radical personal change in such a short period of time and it would not have happened without Emily‘s guidance. Working with her one on one over the course of three months, starting at the most stressful time in my life (right before I got married), caused a major spark for change and growth. I have never felt so internally fulfilled in my lifetime. I feel as if I have become a different person for the better. I owe this peace and happiness 100% to Emily and her guidance and teachings. I am eternally grateful to her and will always have a huge place in my heart for her. Emily thank you so so much for your support guidance teachings and overall just being you!


Senior Analyst 

Crystal Clear Coaching