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The following offerings have been crafted with Love and Intention to guide you deeper into Profound and Peaceful Union with your Higher Self.


90 minute session

 Now accepting 2 private clients

A soothing and renewing mix of deep tissue massage techniques and craniosacral therapy that comes to the comfort of your home.


This restorative and detoxifying experience is a treat for your muscles, nervous system, and emotions.

Essential oils and CBD oils available upon request.


Crystalline Activation

90 minute session 

Together in meditative sacred space, we deep dive into the body to bring space, awareness, and love to core wounds so they may be transmuted into love, joy, ease, and grace.


Your Spirit Team (through Emily) is able to clear and balance

emotional patterns and trauma from this life and your ancestry remotely.


If you are ready to deeply embrace a new sense of harmony, this is a very powerful modality to experience.

Crystal Clear Coaching 

Through 1:1 work, you are held in sacred space to unwind any confusion or conflict you are experiencing. 

I am able to offer channeled and intuitive guidance to ease your way as we navigate a path towards your delicious inner peace together.

Areas of focus: medical intuitive, romantic relationship balance and harmony, self worth and self image, subtle energy/emotional awareness, money healing, boundaries, crystal guidance and practices

We can work together as needed, or on a routine basis. 

Please schedule a free 15 minute call with me so we can decide what is of best service for you


Astrological Reading

60 minute session

in these sessions are powerful. We use the birth chart as a tool to gain clarity. This information can be very useful in  sorting through your inner world. It can help you discover your strategic center as you navigate your way through Life.

Emily brings all of her energetic tools to the table to assist you in this process by incorporating other perspectives, such as Ayurveda, Crystals, and meditative practices, to help ease your way.

Akashic Crystal Grid Necklace

Through sharing your intention and desires with me,

I am able to meditatively channel a custom pattern of crystal beads and wrap it macramé- style.

These necklaces are metal free to allow full potency of the crystalline patterns to organically support your energetic systems to align with your Heart's Intentions.