Our Senses are the Key

This reality and Human experience hold Mysteries beyond our understanding-- the more we learn the more we (humbly) realize that there is information and Knowledge we do not know yet. Instead of feeling disheartened by this, it enlivens me to explore what it means to be Alive.

I am inspired to experience Life beyond the perceived surface.

It reminds me of the saying "reading between the lines": I intentionally use my body's senses to infer wisdom and discover my Truth from beyond the superficial layer of my experiences.

I listen into what is shared with me

and I hear emotions, intentions, motivations of another

I see into solid matter

and I see frequencies and perceive malleability in the Quantum Rhythm of Life

I taste into the food I eat

and taste energy from who made the meal and the journey that the meal made to be in my bowl

I smell into scents

and perceive a magical dance of air and ether all around me

I feel into what or whom I touch

and ride the waves of their Timelines; frequencies and energies that resonate through them from their experience through Time

I Know beyond what I know

when I consciously connect to the infinite grid and flow of the Universe.

My Senses guide me and teach me about the mysteries of my Human Experience.

In the present moment, they illuminate my way.

We are all gifted with our Bodies and the opportunity to expand our minds and refine our perceptions.

The gentle moment we allow ourselves to blossom into All that We Are, is the moment we begin to awaken our Physical Vessels to their fullest potential.

Our bodies are capable of more than we believe they are--BEYOND our wildest dreams. When we see an incredible feat performed by an Olympic Athlete or a miraculously spontaneous healing, it bends our brains and expands our conscious beliefs about what is possible for our species.

My question to you is: Why wait until we see it done by others? Why not explore our own beliefs now and set ourselves free?

I encourage you to experience the mysteries that await you because direct experiences are the richest part of Life. They hold all of the happiness your heart desires.

We are in this experience together and it brings me joy to witness us challenge who we think we are with the intention of self growth and evolution.

Let us re-Know ourselves and experience new, deliciously deep mysteries.

I love you,

Be Well,


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