My name is Emily and

I am passionate about being fully anchored Peacefully in my Body. 

I am passionate about consistently being Centered and Grounded. 

I am passionate about holding space for my Human Family to exist in Harmony.


My Personal Journey and Philosophy

 In years past, I experienced the deepest suffering in my life when I was absent from my body--scared to fully feel my life and, consequently, living in my head, disconnected from my Heart and the rest of my body.


However, my Path of Remembrance, or Awakening, has lead me through plant medicine ceremonies, deep meditations, and crossed my path with beautiful Beings that held space for me to remember that I am most powerful, most intuitive, and the safest when I am deeply anchored in my Body.


I found that being anchored allows me to experience life fully, richly, and ecstatically.

The process of calibrating the body in Truth is a process of clearing out previous pain, trauma, fear-full beliefs, perspectives, and stories so we can create Space for our Soul's Light, Peace, Bliss, and Power to flow through us uninhibited.


I have found through personal experience, research, and working with others that our bodies hold our emotional pain that we have experienced.


Learning to face and transform what we have allowed to accumulate within us is sacred beyond measure.


Exploring the deepest, most painfully vulnerable aspects of ourselves gives us opportunities to discover who we are beyond that pain, discover who we are without it: our Truth.


Living in our Truth creates space for us to experience profound clarity, brightness, joy, Love, and safety beyond what we've known before.  

This journey is available to every single person that agrees to remember their Sacred Truth and it is a humble honor to hold space for you and witness your growth and evolution.

With Love,


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