You can activate

yourself to your

fullest potential

by deepening

into your body

My name is Emily

Licensed Massage Therapist

Reiki Master

Celestial Channel

Crystalline Inuitive

I am excited and humbled to  share peaceful perspectives and practices with you as your healing journey unfolds.

 May the information and energy I share hold space for you to sync you into ever deepening peace within yourself






Energy Work


Crystal Clear Coaching

Deeply profound Physical, Mental, and Emotional Peace is possible for All. 

After just a few minutes of working with Emily, I felt tension that I've carried in my hips and lower back dissipate and lift effortlessly. I was in such a deeply peaceful and otherworldly state, I cannot wait to do more work with Emily when it's divinely guided and I would highly recommend her distance sessions.

- Shannon

Emily has cosmic level intuition and healing ability. She’s gentle with her physical touch and a powerhouse energetically. She has an extraordinary ability to locate blockages and gently but firmly holds space for your body to come into alignment. She’s an excellent massage therapist and with the addition of her energy work, she’s a profound healer.

- Angie

The space that Emily creates has been a safe container for me to allow my being to fully receive the healing she channels through with what feels effortless and very tuned in. Holding the balance of intention with incorporating crystals and other sacred elements while holding space for the energy to flow as it unfolds throughout our time together is surely one of her superpowers

- Amber


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